Types Of Slots Games

The Different Types of Online Slots Games

In the past, it was very difficult for casino lovers to enjoy themselves at the comfort of their homes the different slots games at online casinos. Due to the evolution of technology and introduction of the internet, many people have chosen to register themselves with online casinos. There are many online casinos that offer a chance to their players to have access to the  slots. Let us look at the different types of online slots that are available in many online casinos.

Single lines slots
The machine that has single lines slots is also known as the 3 reel slots or the one armed bandit’s machine and it is among the first machines to be created. These casino games are comprised of 3 reels and symbols of fruits or bars are used. They are known to be the oldest version of the slot machines.

Multi line slots
The player is given a chance to bet either one or even multiple pay lines. Online casinos offer the players with a chance to play slots with different features and themes that include free spin rounds, wild symbols, bonus rounds as well as progressive jackpots. Today, the games have become very popular in most of the land based as well as the online casinos.

Progressive slots
Players who participate in casino games featured in the progressive slots, have some amounts of the money the put on bets entered to the jack pot.
Other types of online slots include the fruit slots machines and the bonus slots.